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Bachelor's Programs

Allied Health Science Professional Degree Completion

The Allied Health Sciences' health professional degree (AHS-HPD) completion program is designed to provide a path for health care professionals who have an associate degree and want to earn a bachelor's degree. Request Info

Allied Health Sciences
With this degree, you may begin your career in governmental health service, pharmaceutical industry sales, or entry-level healthcare administrative positions.
Health Information Management (B.S)

Health information management (HIM) is the practice of acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care. Request Info

Integrative Studies
This major prepares you for jobs that require a broad background, research skills, advanced critical thinking skills and intercultural awareness. This degree is excellent graduate school preparation.
Leadership and Business Fundamentals (B.A.S.)

The Leadership and Business Fundamentals Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) helps you gain fundamental knowledge of accounting, finance, management, marketing, and organizational dynamics while acquiring leadership and team-building skills. Request Info

Nursing (R.N. to B.S.N.)
For many associate degree prepared registered nurses (RNs), achieving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree affords additional career opportunities and a broader scope of practice. Request Info

Professional Innovation (B.A.S.)

The professional innovation major allows you to pursue a flexible array of customizable emphases as part of a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree (B.A.S.). It is designed for those who have completed or are in their last semester of an Applied Associate degree (A.A.S.) or the equivalent. Request Info


Business Minor

The undergraduate minor program in business administration is designed for non-business majors. It is designed to complement major fields of study in other departments or schools. Transfer students must complete a minimum of six hours at GVSU for the minor. Request Info

Health Care Information Systems

Information systems studies the use of computers in collecting, organizing, storing, retrieving, processing, and analyzing information in response to the ever-changing challenges faced by organizations. The health care information systems (HIS) minor is a combination of technology and health care that is in high demand. Request Info


Psychology minors are required to take a minimum of six courses in psychology totaling at least 20 semester hours of credit. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 6 credits at GVSU. Request Info

Religion Studies

Religious Studies (REL) prepares students to think critically and creatively. Connecting differing perspectives is an essential foundation for a wide variety of career paths or graduate study. Request Info

Master's Programs

Education, Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)
You’ll receive instruction in educational leadership and special education administration. The program emphasizes theory, research and relevant practice in areas such as effective leadership, curriculum organization and improvement, personnel administration, finance, law, assessment, and other related topics.
Education, Special (CI)
In this comprehensive cognitive impairment program you’ll learn research-based practices for developing academic, adaptive behavior, communication, and social skills; for including students in the general education curriculum; for implementing a variety of assessment procedures; for implementing assistive technologies; for collaborating with families and other educational staff; and for transitioning individuals with a CI from school to life.
Educational Specialist

The educational specialist in leadership program provides school, district, and organizational leaders with clinical experiences, case methods of teaching, and pragmatic curriculum geared to the specific knowledge required by district leaders and superintendents at different career stages. Of the credits from a completed degree, 90% will transfer to partner institutions for doctoral programs. Request Info

Educational, Learning, Design and Technology

The M.Ed. in learning, design, and technology (LDT) prepares professionals to design and develop effective, engaging instruction and empirically-grounded learning environments that utilize technology effectively in a variety of settings, including PK- 12, higher education, business, non-profits, and other training settings. This program integrates powerful contemporary ideas about learning with emergent technologies to design, develop, and evaluate learning environments, products, and programs. Request Info

Graduate Teacher Certification – Elementary

In partnership with Northwest Education Services and Grand Valley State University's Traverse City Regional Center, the College of Education and Community Innovation will offer a six-semester certification program for individuals residing in Northern Michigan and who are employed by a participating school district. Request Info

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) work with clients of all ages, who have physical, mental, or developmental difficulties to improve participation and engagement in daily activities. (Hybrid: Occasional travel to Grand Rapids for labs.) Request Info

Physician Assistant Studies
You’re eligible for the Master of Physician Assistant Studies program if you have earned a baccalaureate degree from GVSU or other universities, have completed prerequisite courses and fulfilled a minimum of 500 hours of work, and volunteer and/or shadow experience in health care settings with patients.
School Counseling

The Master of Education in school counseling prepares educators for careers as school counselors in PK-12 public, private, and charter schools. The program is approved by the Michigan Department of Education and guided by the American School Counselor Association National Model. Request Info


Applied Data Analytics

The undergraduate certificate program in applied data analytics at Grand Valley State University focuses on understanding how to interpret, use, and apply data and statistics in the workplace. Request Info

Business Fundamentals

Employers want people who understand the essentials of how a business operates. A certificate in business fundamentals from Grand Valley State University develops these skills, enhancing your major degree of study and preparing you for your future career. Request Info

Intercultural Communication

The intercultural communications certificate prepares you with skills in effective communication that support diversity, inclusion, belonging, and international awareness across a wide range of job sectors, industries, and organizations. Request Info


Employers want people who can problem solve, think critically, and work as part of a team. A leadership certificate from Grand Valley State University develops these skills, enhancing your major degree of study and preparing you for your future career.

Medical and Health Humanities

This certificate program allows students pursuing careers in health or health-related majors including medicine, dentistry, nursing, athletic training, child life, and social work to broaden their understanding of medicine and health by incorporating the diverse perspectives of a variety of disciplines in the liberal arts and sciences. Request Info

Project Management

The project management certificate at Grand Valley State University integrates industry-proven project management practices with Agile principles. Students work in small teams to effectively initiate, plan, execute, control, and bring closure to real-world projects using MS Project and other enterprise project management software. Request Info

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